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Plenary Session: The Tourist – International Developments

In order to consider how we can perform better, we need to look at initiatives in the rest of the world, which is what we will do in this session.

Moderator: André Joseph (GHD)

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Plenary Session: Fight Club – EPR Bearpit

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a key issue to the recycling industry and municipalities. This session will discuss current EPR developments.

Moderator: Jodi Tomchyshyn London (JTL Squared Consulting)

  • Meegan Armstrong (BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy)
  • John Graham (Retail Council of Canada)
  • Allen Langdon (Encorp Pacific)
  • Laura Selanders (CESA)
  • Andrew Stephens (BCMB)
  • Valda Walsh (Region 6 Solid Waste Management, Nova Scotia)
  • Sarah Webb (Yes Environmental Services & Solutions)
  • Usman Valiante (Corporate Policy Group LLP)
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