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Plenary Session: Back to the Future – Waste Diversion Legends

If you want institutional memory, this session has it! Some of the most recognized names with a long history in waste reduction and recycling will review the changes they have seen over the years, and speculate where they see things headed in the future.

Facilitator: Brock Macdonald (Recycling Council of British Columbia)

  • Jack Astill (Capital Paper Recycling Ltd.)
  • Bill Stitt (Cascades Recovery+)
  • Carey McIver (Carey McIver & Associates Ltd.)
  • David Schaaf (City of Lethbridge)
  • Geoff Love (Love Environment)
  • Jim Lapp (Tetra Tech Canada Inc.)
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Concurrent Session: Mission Impossible – Industry Updates

This session combines a variety of current industry updates that influence the daily world of recycling. Expect updates right up to show time.

Moderator: Ela Guenette (GEEP Global Inc.)

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Concurrent Session: 50 Shades of Plastic

At the recent G7 Summit held in Charlevoix, QC, the leaders of the G7 recognized the urgency of the threat of ocean plastic waste and marine litter to ecosystems and the lost value of plastics in the waste stream, and committed to moving towards a more resource efficient and sustainable management of plastics. This has raised the profile of plastic waste reduction across the globe, as reflected by the speakers in this session.

Moderator: Tammy Schwass (APRA)

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Concurrent Session: Mona Lisa Smile – Recycling and the Arts

Waste reduction and recycling are often viewed as issues with technical solutions. However, the arts can strongly influence various parts of society, as shown in this session.

Moderator: Connie Anderson (Molok North America)

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