Waste Land – Francis Cooke Landfill Open House

Stop in on your way to the conference and learn about the progressive features at this Class III landfill site:

  • Sustainability, loop-closing elements included in new office building.
  • Use of recycled bio-mass as a renewable space heating fuel.
  • Multi-stream Class III diversion and onsite processing to address marketing barriers.
  • How a small “rural” resource recovery operation helped open the largest compost facility in Canada more or less on schedule and how that helped us address marketing issues.
  • Long term differential fee structure as incentive for recycling and financial self-sufficiency and how that is working – or not.
  • Financial structure addressing long-term financial liability such as closure and post closure costs through a pro-active financial reserve program.
  • When you wake up one day and your office building is gone: Working through disasters – two major fires and 2013 floods in a 5 year span.
  • Next generation CRD developments. Custom-designed sorting-at-the-face bin system.
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